The Art Of Paul Cézanne

The Art Of Paul Cézanne.


Smoke patterns!

As I was sitting on my toilet seat smoking a cigarette, thinking about random things, this particular ring formed by the smoke caught my attention. It started emitting from the front end as I took a puff and then went on to form a slowly expanding ring. And I thought what if the expansion of the universe is based on the same principle? I mean we know it was all gases at the time of the big bang and from there on started the expansion due to which the gases condensed and converted into solid bodies.


Riddles of life!

Oh man! Life can be so fucking difficult…It’s like a random variable, you never know when and what it might throw at you at any time. Currently I am struck preparing for a job (which I don’t want!) and studying a subject that I am not passionate about. Four years ago, I made a bad decision and as a result of that I have a B.Tech degree in ECE. This is something that I didn’t dream about. And to think that it could all have been averted if I had been a little more courageous. Somehow I feel that right now I am back at the same position as I was four years ago, and I have to make a decision again. And I have the courage now, it will be interesting to see what I will do with it. Will I squander this opportunity again or grab it? If anything I feel passionate about, it is Mathematics! Though I haven’t studied it much, still it somehow manages to attract me, like it has cast some spell on me, pulling me closer and closer… Maybe my screwed up mind is behind all this! I idolize things, and watching movies like Beautiful Mind and Good Will Hunting and reading about prodigies like Ramanujan and Tao, makes me want to be like them! But anyways I want to give it a shot. Maybe it is my passion.