I finally did it!

I was thinking about switching to some different field from quite some time now but I just couldn’t muster up enough courage and tell my parents about it. To be honest, no parent would like hear their son/daughter come up to them one day and say that hey I would like to change my area of study as I have grown bored of it. And my parents were no exception, but still they stood by me seeming less concerned and worried than they must have been. But I had to do it. I had to right the wrong that happened in 2011 when I entered college to study a field that I wasn’t passionate about but which I acquiesced to do after hearing from my family and friends how good prospects it has. How could you live forever with a decision that wasn’t yours? Doesn’t it question your individuality? Doesn’t it make you wonder your existence as an independent person? I mean did my forefathers died for nothing? Wasn’t it the encroachment on their individual lives by the Brits that shook them the most?

So here I stand, on the precipice of change ready to embark on a new journey, one that I have chosen for myself. Though how much would I be successful in this endeavor I know not, but at least I have the satisfaction of breaking away from the shackles which this society, very subtly, has put on me. Whatever I do now and whatever it’s consequences are at least I won’t have to blame anyone but myself for it. And that feels great!


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