Things that makes me sad!

Well, it seems the biggest concern of the people around me is to go abroad. They would go to any country, to any university and would choose any topic for their internships. They don’t give any sack of potatoes to their interests and passion. I doubt if even they have got one! It seems like people have put their conscience to rest and in some dark corner of their minds and they are fully intent in keeping it that way. It’s just so terribly sad, watching the multitudes of talent go to waste! Why am I calling it waste? Do I doubt their potential? No, definitely not. But what could you expect from a person to achieve when he isn’t sure himself what he is doing. They are all just following a pattern. Top in school, give JEE, then join IITs, then go find a job in some MNC (any would do). Couldn’t join an MNC? Well, you could do M.S from abroad. Ridiculous! Well, please be specific about what you want, don’t just scatter off in any direction. Well, it’s no good sulking around, is it? And since when did I started giving my opinions about people. Well, surely I don’t have any right to do so and neither anyone has entrusted me with this job. I better just get lost from here!




Reading maths and novels-this is best thing i could ever comprehend myself doing. I want to spend the rest of my life doing just this.figure-reading-a-book-6452


This image seems to be conveying the message of how miniature one feels, while reading a great book 🙂